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About the Carver


My name is Sean Syman, a carver from Wellington, New Zealand.


I find the process of carving a form hugely meditative, taking my time and using hand tools wherever I can to better feel the shapes. I enjoy making pieces that fit well in the hand - works of art that are meant to be held and felt as part of the engagement with the piece. My pieces aim to connect the observer with their sense of childish joy and wonder through the use of whimsical animal characters and sneaky surprises. 


I use a variety of materials for my pieces, including antler, wood, bone and wood, sourced as much as I can from my local area in New Zealand.

I started woodcarving when I moved to Toronto in 2018 from a desire to create things with my hands and continue woodworking in a smaller space. On returning to New Zealand in 2021, I was introduced to bone and antler carving at the Mokau Bone Carving Symposium, and began studying netsuke style carving.


Outside of carving, I work full time as an acoustic engineer, and in my spare time get energy from my family, biking, tramping and ice hockey.

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