This is my first time having a bone carving up for sale, and it is a wonderful exploration of the form of a short tail stingray. It is made from beef bone, with tiny ebony inlays for the eyes, with a hand plaited waxed cord that is easily adjustable. The pendant is about 45mm/1 3/4" from nose to tail curl.For this piece I tried to explore the fluidity of the stingray's motion, playing with the curl of the wing flap and scoops and lines of the body. I also enjoyed pulling out small details such as the slight uptick of the tail tip. The happy "face" formed by the gills and mouth underneath is meant as a nice secret for the wearer - If you know stingrays then you'll know that this isn't far off what they actually look like underneath! The pendant is beautifully polished and feels amazing to the touch - this would make a very special gift, or a piece to treasure. 

Stingray Pendant

GST Included