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A cute little owl, lovingly hand carved from maple and hung on a waxed and plaited adjustable cord, with painted eye details. The owl is finished with walnut oil and renaissance wax for a natural look which brings out the best in the wood. This unique hand carved wooden pendant is a one off piece and would make a great addition to anyone's collection.


Materials: Maple, waxed cord

Height: 30mm / 1.25"

Depth: 25mm / 1"

Width: 25mm / 1"

Maple Owl Pendant

GST Included
  • These carvings are hand-carved art made from natural woods, and as such should be treated with care. If the figure requires cleaning, use a damp cloth and dry any moisture off the carving once clean. Carefully buffing the figure with a clean, lint-free cotton rag will bring the shine to the finish. Direct sunlight will slowly fade the more vibrant colours of the wood over long periods of time.

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