Kea are by their nature the most curious and cheeky of birds - the worlds only alpine parrot, native to New Zealand. They're incredibly intelligent, capable of using tools to solve problems, though often use their wits to create mischief for tourists.

I've had this piece envisioned for quite some time, and I'm very happy to bring it to fruition. This cheeky Kea has found their way into someone's backpack and looks ready for all sorts of joyous adventures. 


Half (50%) of the proceeds from the sale of this Kea carving will be donated to Forest & Bird, New Zealand’s leading independent conservation organisation. For more about Forest & Bird and the great work they do, visit


The kea is hand carved from koa, with exquisite features and acrylic painted details. The backpack is carved from native NZ black maire, a wonderful wood, a miniature study of a canvas bag with folds, creases, buttons and pockets. The map poking from a pocket is carved from bone, aged with a tea stain.

The piece has a beautiful, knifecut finish, giving texture and clean surfaces to the figure. It is finished with walnut oil and renaissance wax for a natural look which brings out the best in the wood, and buffed to a high shine. This unique hand carved figure is a one off piece and would make a great addition to anyone's collection.


Materials: Koa, black maire, cow's bone

Height: 65mm / 2.5"

Depth: 35mm / 1 3/8"

Width: 45mm / 1.75"

Kea in a Backpack

GST Included
  • These carvings are hand-carved art made from natural woods, and as such should be treated with care. If the figure requires cleaning, use a damp cloth and dry any moisture off the carving once clean. Carefully buffing the figure with a clean, lint-free cotton rag will bring the shine to the finish. Direct sunlight will slowly fade the more vibrant colours of the wood over long periods of time.