This mobius strip form is carved from native New Zealand Black Maire. It has been sanded and polished to be incredibly smooth to the touch and finished with walnut oil and renaissance wax to give a gentle polish, good protection and an intimate, close to the wood feel. The focus of this carving is the flow and movement of the piece in the hand.


Material: Black Maire

Length: 90mm / 3.5"

Width: 45mm / 1.75"

Depth: 35mm / 1.5"

Black Maire Mobius

SKU: 0001
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  • These carvings are hand-carved art made from natural woods, and as such should be treated with care. If the carving requires cleaning, use a damp cloth and dry any moisture off the carving once clean. Carefully buffing the carving with a clean, lint-free cotton rag will bring the shine to the finish. Direct sunlight will slowly fade the more vibrant colours of the wood over long periods of time.