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Carve your own Simple and Cute Bird!

I've been working on a lot of original pieces recently, trying to come up with simple yet effective designs that are still my style of carving while still being approachable for beginner woodcarvers. This little bird is the perfect beginner figure carving project, with a satisfying and cute result. Keep reading for a full video tutorial, as well as a link to download a free pattern to print and start carving this simple bird right now!

What you'll need:

As usual with my Woodcarving basics series, I've made sure to keep this as simple as I can. You can make this from any size block of basswood, but I've carved mine from a piece that was approximately 1 1/4 x 1 3/4" or 30 x 40mm.

The tools I recommend for this carving are the following:

-1.5" detail knife

- #12 V-Tool, 7mm

- #5 gouge, 15mm (optional)

Click here for the free pattern to download and print off so you can get started on this carving!

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